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Financing & Subsidy

Financing & Subsidy

For all your Project Financing & Subsidy needs, R K Doshi & Co LLP will act as your one-stop solution centre. With our offices spread across the prominent centres of Gujarat & Maharashtra, we have an unmatched advantage of coordinating with Banking Head Offices & Government Headquarters for fulfilling your Debt and Subsidy requirements in a timely manner.

Project Financing

Project Financing is not just about having relationships with Banks. It is about preparing a credible feasibility study, synchronizing paper-work, adhering to the system, and finally having steady access to a communication channel with the most aggressive banks who can fulfill your needs in a timely manner. Being in the business for decades now, R K Doshi & Co LLP enjoys excellent relationships with India’s largest Private & Public Sector Banks

Project Financing

Incentives on your Product Exports - DGFT

Almost every service provider who is exporting some or all of his services, i.e. catering to international clients, is eligible for claiming a rebate of 3% / 5% from Directorate General of Foreign Trade. Whether you are into outsourcing of legal services, accounting, engineering, architectural, advertising, publishing, testing, education, tourism & transport, do take the benefit of this incentive as it will directly increase your net profit up to 5 percent of your aggregate turnover.

EPCG – 100% exemption on Import Duties

There are two events on which EPCG benefit can be taken, one is while importing, and the other is for local purchases. As far as importing is concerned, customs duty paid (currently ranging from 25 to 30%) is waived off against future exports. Similarly, excise duty payable on local purchases can also be waived off by committing future exports. Please note that EPCG claims are available not only on import transactions but also for local excisable purchases. For claiming EPCG benefits, following should be kept in mind:

The benefit given under EPCG is quite under-leveraged by companies in Gujarat. Very few of them are actually taking the benefit of it due to unawareness. All the Company has to do is export six times the value of import duty saved and which is to be committed for future exports. For e.g., machinery costing Rs 1 crore, on which approximate duty payable is (BCD + CVD + SPCVD) is 25%, being Rs 25,00,000, then in order to waive off the duty, the Company has to do exports of Rs 1.5 crores. This export obligation has to be met in 6 years, the internal split of which is as follows:

  1. 50% of obligation should be met in first 4 years
  2. Balance 50% obligation should me met in following 2 years, i.e. 5th and 6th year



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