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Mystery Shopping Audit in India

Mystery Shopping Audit in India

Mystery Audit entails an audit programme designed to ensure presence of highest levels of quality checks & controls. In today’s fiercely competitive environment, it is very important to maintain customer satisfaction at highest levels. Also crucial is to enable internal checks & balances, financially as well as operationally.

Industries served by us for mystery & process audit are:

  1. Automobile dealerships
  2. Restaurants including QSRs
  3. Professional chains, including medical establishments
  4. Retail outlets, including clothing & sports goods
  5. Shopping malls including movie Theatres
  6. Telecom Centres
  7. Spa & Salon

Do note that our scope in mystery audit would be limited to identifying lack of financial controls, internal controls & inherent weaknesses. We have not, & shall not, advise on areas beyond our scope.